northeastern university – cultural agility

northeastern university - culture

An illustration for Northeastern University’s alumni magazine – on the topic of cultural agility.

Karriere in Sozialberufen

karriere /  weiterbildung

Eine Illustration zu einem Artikel, der über Möglichkeiten handelt, sich auch in einem Sozialberuf weiter
zu entwickeln.
- – -
Tina made an illustration for an article, which deals with the possibilities to develop your career in a social profession.

little things that make you happy

selfmade pottery brooches

handmade pottery brooches

mixer – a podcast mix

podcast- the mixer

Der Kunde ‘Viertausendhertz’ ist süchtig geworden: schon wieder eine neue Illustration. Diesmal für einen kuratierten Podcast-Kanal mit exklusiven Einzelstücken, Miniserien und Audioexperimenten. Ein Ort für Neues. Der „Mixer“ bringt Euch Reportagen, Dokumentationen und Klangkunst von ausgewählten Autor*innen

art- & creative therapy

yippie – we have something to celebrate!

Congratulations: Tina is now an official art and creative therapist!
She has just passed her exams and is ready to give you an insight in the possibilities for personal development through art, by triggering your thoughts with new impulses.


The Chronical Review: Plato / Big Brains – Small Minds

The Chronical Review: Plato / Big Brains - Small MindsLast week Tina created an image for the Chronicle Review.
“Big Brains, Small Minds” is an article by John Kaag and David O’Hara, about seeing STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) studies in a Platonic light.

We are on the verge of becoming the best trained, and least educated, society since the Romans — and reducing the humanities to a type of soft science will only hasten this trend.

if you are interessted to read the whole article, here is the link:

Iris Saar Isaacs / inSync design / jewellery

Iris Saar Isaacs  |  inSync design

Iris Saar Isaacs asked Tina to do an illustration
to promote the new jewellery collection of inSync design.

tree / baum

tree   /   baum

Tina is working on a new postcard project. This time with drawings of trees in winter.