the ambrotype


I just learned how to do Wet-Plate Collodion.
The ambrotype was introduced in the 1850s. It is a positive photograph on glass
made by a variant of the wet plate collodion process –
each picture is a unique original.
I learned about mixing chemicals (the silver bath, the collodion, the varnish),
exposure and development … and all that in english language.
Thank you Dave @ Central Valley Project
Photographic Studio – this was such a great workshop!

ARTE magazine

arte-map of kreta

happy and proud to be in the new ARTE magazine
with a wonderfull illustrated map of Kreta

how to taste wine

'spit' / how to taste wine / zellmer

swirl / how to taste wine /zellmer

six wonderful illustrations, unique in their simplicity about how to drink wine.
client: LCBO

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3×3 magazine of contemporary illustration

3x3 the magazine of contemporary illustration

tina is published in 3×3 magazine of contemporary illustration

shopping time

A new online shop with my prints!
There will be more coming soon – just starting to set everything up!
Have a sneak preview at: tina

bonds / addenda capital

This is the first illustration of a series I did for Addenda Capital,
an investment management firm providing solutions
for institutional and high net worth clients.


equities - addenda capital
‘equities’ – illustration for Addenda Capital, an investment management firm