tree / baum

tree   /   baum

Tina is working on a new postcard project. This time with drawings of trees in winter.

Walrus & the Bear

zellmer-walrus and the bear

Tina did this illustration for Walrus & the Bear, an art historian turned podcast-producer.
Walrus will bring you compelling stories from Berlin, alternated with reflections on its controversial history. Because it is only after you understand Berlin’s central role in so many historic conflicts, that you can fully appreciate the unique situation Berlin is in today.
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spiegel online über viertausendhertz podcasts

viertausendhertz starter
Startbild-illustration und ein kleiner feiner Artikel sind bei spiegel-online unter netzwelt zu sehen

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viertausendhertz / podcast / zellmer

Das erste Podcastlabel im deutschsprachigen Raum steht für anspruchsvoll produzierte, erzählerische Podcasts.
Illustrationen von Tina Zellmer

Chemistry World magazine


Tina Zellmer worked together with the Royal Society of Chemistry
for the Chemistry World magazine
The article is about how scientists can extract proteins and DNA samples from the bones
of prehistoric animals, but there is a question over how long proteins can really
survive and therefore how accurate the results of this research are.



Tina Zellmer works together with the famous german woman magazine Brigitte.
She made a beautiful small map illustration about traveling in Alaska.